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Mailing list

Join the linuxsampler-devel mailing list for general discussions about LinuxSampler, development, bugs, patches, user issues, etc.


Every now and then you can meet us at the #linuxsampler IRC channel at, you can use this webinterface to join the #linuxsampler channel with your web browser.


Please notice that your questions are usually a lot quicker answered via our forum or mailing list (see above), than by addressing your emails directly to one of us directly!

Benno Senoner (project founder, engine, MS Windows port)
Christian Schoenebeck (current project leader, engine, libgig, qsampler, gigedit)
Rui Nuno Capela (qsampler, liblscp)
Vladimir Senkov (engine)
Andreas Persson (engine, libgig, gigedit, MS Windows port, VST support)
Grigor Iliev (JSampler / Fantasia, Java bindings, OS X port, SFZ2 engine, SF2 engine)
Anders Dahnielson (SFZ2 specification maintainer, forum moderator)

Other Contributors

Stéphane Letz (initial Mac OS X engine port)
Steve Harris (initial filter implementation)
Mark Knecht (testing and feedback)

If we forgot to mention you here, we apologize. We will add you immediately when you tell us!