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2017-03-05 Services are back online. After reviewing the recent server incident we came to the conclusion that the attack was fortunately quite limited. We rolled back the system, closed the exploited security hole and brought all services back online. In case you downloaded or updated any source files from our svn server between March 2nd and March 3rd, we recommend you to delete the entire source directory and make an entire fresh checkout from svn to avoid any issues. The svn server is now back at a clean state.
2017-03-03 Important notice: Our server had been compromised. For that reason we were forced to take most services offline for now to protect you from accessing any compromised material. We are currently investigating this incident and will update you accordingly.
2016-07-06 Web Forum and Bug Tracker are back online: As you might have noticed, our Web Forum as well as our Bug Tracker were partly unavailable for quite a while. It was possible to read them, but especially registration of new user accounts were disabled (i.e. due to numerous spam bot attacks we suffered in the past). Those issues have been resolved and so both sites are back available and should now work entirely as expected.
2016-05-04 There is some progress regarding Gigedit's integrated NKSP real-time instrument script editor. Check out the News Article ...
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Latest Subversion Commits

2017-02-05 schoenebeck
* Instruments DB: Fixed undefined DB transaction behavior.
* Fixed general compiler warnings.
* Bumped version (2.0.0.svn43).
2017-02-04 schoenebeck
* SFZ: Fixed unintended volume fade-in of voices under certain conditions.
* Bumped version (2.0.0.svn42).
2017-01-18 schoenebeck
* SFZ engine: Implemented opcode set_ccN (initial patch by Giovanni Senatore).
* SFZ engine: print a warning if a CC related opcode uses an invalid MIDI controller number.
* Bumped version (2.0.0.svn41).
2017-01-16 schoenebeck
* Instruments DB: Added support for scanning SFZ (.sfz) files.
* Instruments DB: Added support for scanning Sound Font (.sf2) files.
* Bumped version (2.0.0.svn40).
2017-01-16 schoenebeck
* Cleanup of instruments DB file creation and opening code.
* The instrument DB path of linuxsampler's --create-instruments-db argument is now optional, if it is missing, then a default location is used.
* Bumped version (2.0.0.svn39).
2017-01-10 schoenebeck
* SFZ Engine: Just fixed a false warning about allegedly unsupported sfz opcode "script", which is obviously not true.
* Bumped version (2.0.0.svn38).
2017-01-09 schoenebeck
* Added support for sfz extension opcode 'script' which may be used to load real-time instrument script file (NKSP script language).
* Removed code duplication in SFZ file loading code.
* Bumped version (2.0.0.svn37).
2017-01-05 schoenebeck
* NKSP: Implemented built-in script function "in_range()".
* Bumped version (2.0.0.svn36).
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2017-02-12 schoenebeck
* Fixed compile errors.
2017-02-11 schoenebeck
* Show graphical symbol on region that uses loop(s).
* Show graphical symbol on region that misses sample reference(s).
* Bumped version (1.0.0.svn27).
2017-02-10 schoenebeck
* Implemented deleting dimension region zones of all regions at once, which is controlled by checkbox "all regions".
* Implemented splitting up dimension region zones of all regions at once, which is controlled by checkbox "all regions".
* Bumped version (1.0.0.svn26).
2017-01-15 schoenebeck
* Implemented resizing multiple dimension region zones at once, which is controlled by the infamous checkbox trio "all regions", "all dimension splits" and "both channels".
* Bumped version (1.0.0.svn25).
2017-01-04 schoenebeck
* Fixed interesting libtool linker error on some systems.
2017-01-02 schoenebeck
* Fixed compiler warning.
* Bumped version (1.0.0.svn24).
2016-10-30 persson
* windows: look for the data directory in the parent of the dll directory, if the dll directory is called "32" or "64"
2016-10-23 persson
* windows, 32-bit: fixed crashes by making sure the stack in sub threads is 16-byte aligned
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2017-02-15 schoenebeck
* gig.cpp: Instruments' default pitch bend range is now +-2 semi tones.
* Bumped version (4.0.0.svn12).
2016-12-14 schoenebeck
* Fixed various compiler warnings.
* Bumped version (4.0.0.svn11).
2016-09-24 schoenebeck
* gig.cpp: Changed default value of DimensionRegion::EG2Release (filter release time) to 60s.
* Bumped version (4.0.0.svn10).
2016-09-24 schoenebeck
* src/gig.cpp, src/gig.h: Fixed samples' CRC checksums were misordered when a Sample was deleted.
* src/gig.cpp, src/gig.h: Added new method Sample::GetWaveDataCRC32Checksum().
* src/tools/gigdump.cpp: print samples' CRC32 checksums.
* Bumped version (4.0.0.svn9).
2016-09-20 schoenebeck
* gig.cpp/gig.h: Added new method Sample::VerifyWaveData() which allows to check whether a sample had been damaged for some reason.
* gigdump tool: added and implemented new parameter "--verify" which allows to check the raw wave form data integrity of all samples.
* gigdump tool: added and implemented new parameter "--rebuild-checksums" which allows to recalculate the CRC32 checksum of all samples' raw wave data and rebuilding the gig file's global checksum table (i.e. in case the file's checksum table was damaged).
* Bumped version (4.0.0.svn8).
2016-09-20 schoenebeck
* src/tools/gigextract.cpp: Fix: if sample name contains a path separator (slash or backslash) then replace them by a minus sign to avoid file system issues.
* src/tools/gigdump.cpp: additionally print RIFF chunk file offset and RIFF chunk size of sample data.
* Bumped version (4.0.0.svn7).
2016-05-21 schoenebeck
* gig.cpp: Fixed Region::UpdateUpdateVelocityTable() which did not work correctly if there were dimensions after the velocity dimension: it only created valid velocity tables for cases of dimensions lower than the velocity dimension.
* gigdump: Additionally print VelocityUpperLimit and DimensionUpperLimits of all dimension regions.
* Bumped version (4.0.0.svn6).
2016-05-18 schoenebeck
* Using now native integer size where appropriate.
* Bumped version (4.0.0.svn5).
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2016-11-13 capela
* Preparations for v0.4.2 - A Fall'16 release.
2016-09-14 capela
* End of Summer'16 release (v0.4.1).
2016-08-15 capela
* Fixed a race condition on creating sampler channels that ended in duplicate channel strips; also fixed channel auto-arrange.
2016-05-31 capela
* Removed manual setting of system include paths (a pull-request by Romain Létendart,, thanks).
2016-05-16 schoenebeck
* Automake: set environment variable GCC_COLORS=auto to allow GCC to auto detect whether it (sh/c)ould output its messages in color.
2016-04-12 capela
* Sync to upstream git repo.
2016-04-06 schoenebeck
* Fixed Debian build script: install rule was broken.
2016-01-08 capela
* Added application keywords to AppData.
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2016-11-13 capela
* Preparations for v0.5.8 - A Fall'16 release.
2016-11-03 capela
* Sync to upstream git head.
2016-04-12 capela
* Sync to upstream git repo.
2016-04-06 schoenebeck
* Debian packaging: Updated to compat 7 (was 4), and assigned as maintainer of this package.
2014-01-01 capela
* A fifth of a Jubilee release.
2013-06-01 schoenebeck
* Autoconf fix: AC_CONFIG_HEADER obsolete error (fixes #194).
2013-02-24 capela
* Use getaddrinffo() instead of deprecated gethostbyname().
2013-02-23 capela
* Update on newer autoconf macros (m4).
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2012-05-30 iliev
* save effect parameters into lscp file (see #179)
2012-01-30 iliev
* fixed bug #160
2012-01-25 iliev
* the default MIDI bank numbering is now zero-based
2011-12-15 iliev
* Initial support for Android platforms (only sampler channel manipulation for now - see the screenshots on the website)
2011-11-24 iliev
* fixed bug #156
2011-11-23 iliev
* Added option to select a sampler engine in Add/Edit Instrument dialog
* Moved all Swing dependent code outside the JSampler core
2011-09-19 iliev
* Usе multicolumn menus for adding instruments to MIDI maps and to orchestras from the Instruments Database
2011-08-17 iliev
* fixed engine cache
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2011-11-23 iliev
* Client: added new method - getProtocolVersion
2011-08-17 iliev
* fixed engine cache
2011-08-16 iliev
* Cache engines' info to speed up the sampler channels' info retrieval
2011-07-03 iliev
* added two new methods to FxSend class: getDestChainId and getDestChainPos
2011-06-28 iliev
* added three new methods to EffectParameter class - getEffectInstanceId, getIndex, toString
2011-06-28 iliev
* minor refactoring
2011-06-24 iliev
* Added support for send effects
2009-08-03 iliev
* preparations for release 0.8
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2017-02-15 schoenebeck
* Linked SFZ "script" opcode from NKSP language tutorial.
2017-02-10 schoenebeck
* SFZ: Correction regarding path attributes.
2017-01-19 schoenebeck
* SFZ: Added set_ccN opcode.
2017-01-09 schoenebeck
* Added SFZ articles section.
* NKSP: New sfz "script" opcode added.
2017-01-05 schoenebeck
* NKSP reference: Added built-in function in_range().
2017-01-05 schoenebeck
* NKSP reference: Added built-in array variable %ALL_EVENTS.
2016-12-16 schoenebeck
* NKSP Language Article: Added paragraph about user functions.
2016-12-16 schoenebeck
* NKSP: Updated article about built-in by_marks() function.
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