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2014-06-19 gigedit finally included with OS X snapshots! Due to the variety of third party library dependencies it took a while, but finally "gigedit", our graphical instrument editor for Gigasampler / GigaStudio files, is now included with the automatic binary snapshots builds for Mac OS X. The automatic snapshot installers are automatically compiled by one of our servers each time a developer commits something new to our Subversion (development) server. You can use gigedit on Mac OS X as stand-alone instrument editor as well as in live-mode while running LinuxSampler. In the latter case your changes with gigedit get immediately audible while playing the instrument on the keyboard at the same time.
2011-08-25 Added SFZ implementation status page. We are currently in the works to implement support for the SFZ format, which is a powerful and open sample library format, already adopted by many commercial samplers. Check our new SFZ status page to see which aspects of the format are already supported by LinuxSampler, and which ones are yet to be implemented.
2011-07-18 Download the latest OS X snapshot of the sampler! Following our ongoing sympathy for automatic snapshots, we finally provide automatic builds also for Apple OS X! As soon as some developer commits something new to our Subversion server, a new binary snapshot for OS X will automatically be available for download from our webserver within minutes. The snapshot tbz2 archive file contains universal binaries (PPC 32 bit, Intel 32 & 64 bit) of the stand-alone version of the sampler, VST and AU plugin version, and the graphical frontend applications QSampler and Fantasia. Only our graphical instrument editor gigedit is not yet part of the snapshots, it might follow at a later point. Please read the README file in the tbz2 archive file for instructions how to install everything on your Mac.
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Latest Subversion Commits

2014-09-11 persson
* sfz engine: added support for float and 32 bit sample files
2014-09-06 persson
* gig engine: fixed behaviour of filter LFO
2014-09-06 schoenebeck
* Fixed MIDI program change messages being ignored if quickly executed after each other (fixes #231).
2014-07-06 schoenebeck
* Another fix regarding virtual MIDI device event import.
* Bumped version (1.0.0.svn57).
2014-07-02 schoenebeck
* Fixed virtual MIDI device event import (which caused i.e. the events from the virtual keyboard of gigedit to be ignored by the sampler).
* Bumped version (1.0.0.svn56).
2014-06-29 schoenebeck
* Fixed crash which happened if instrument without instrument script was loaded (fixes #227).
* Bumped version (1.0.0.svn55).
2014-06-18 schoenebeck
* RT instrument scripts: Pass/preserve polyphonic variable data from respective "note" event handler to "release" event handler.
* Fixed theoretical memory leak regarding instrument scripts.
* Bumped version (1.0.0.svn54).
2014-06-13 schoenebeck
* Implemented built-in instrument script function "set_event_mark()".
* Implemented built-in instrument script function "delete_event_mark()".
* Implemented built-in instrument script function "by_marks()".
* Added built-in instrument script int const variables $MARK_1 to $MARK_28.
* Built-in instrument script functions "ignore_event()", "note_off()" and "gig_set_dim_zone()" now also accept an array of event IDs as argument (i.e. return value of new script function "by_marks()").
* Bumped version (1.0.0.svn53).
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2014-07-07 schoenebeck
* Fixed endless loop when deleting a sample.
2014-07-05 schoenebeck
* If launched by the sampler ("live-mode"): automatically select and show the instrument which the sampler requested gigedit to edit.
* OS X: Increased instrument script editor's font size by 20%.
2014-07-02 schoenebeck
* Fix: double click on the virtual MIDI keyboard opened the dimension manager dialog.
2014-07-02 schoenebeck
* Updated German translation.
2014-06-24 persson
* fixed compile errors with GTK3 (#223)
2014-06-17 schoenebeck
* Script Tree: Double click opens script editor.
2014-06-16 schoenebeck
* Region Chooser: Double click opens dimension manager dialog.
* Dimension Manager: Clicking on dimension type cell of an existing dimension opens a popup to alter the dimension type.
2014-06-12 schoenebeck
* Increased region selector height by 50%.
* Increased dimension region selector height by 20%.
* Some minor fixes.
* Updated "about" dialog: not so immature anymore ;-).
* Configure script: require at least LinuxSampler v1.0.0.
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2014-09-14 schoenebeck
* RIFF.cpp, POSIX: only assume -1 result value as error on open() calls.
* RIFF.cpp, POSIX: show operating system's error reason if opening a file failed.
* Bumped version (3.3.0.svn21).
2014-07-07 schoenebeck
* gig: Fixed crash when saving a gig file after all instrument scripts have been explicitly deleted.
* Bumped version (3.3.0.svn20).
2014-06-18 schoenebeck
* gig: Fixed file corruption if instrument(s) with script slot(s) were loaded and saved before their scripts were ever referenced.
* gig: Backward compatibility fix: Remove own custom RIFF chunks if all script slots were deleted.
* Bumped version (3.3.0.svn19).
2014-06-16 schoenebeck
* gig.h/.cpp: Added new method Region::SetDimensionType().
* Bumped version (3.3.0.svn18).
2014-06-08 schoenebeck
* gig: Fixed instrument script slot saving/loading.
* gigdump tool: Show scripts and script slots.
* Bumped version (3.3.0.svn17).
2014-06-07 schoenebeck
* gig.cpp: Fixed loading instrument script from file.
2014-06-07 schoenebeck
* gig.h/.cpp: Added new method Script::GetGroup().
* Bumped version (3.3.0.svn15).
2014-06-07 schoenebeck
* gig.cpp/.h: Added new method Region::GetDimensionRegionIndexByValue().
* Bumped version (3.3.0.svn14).
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2014-08-03 capela
* Messages standard output capture has been slightly improved as for non-blocking i/o, whenever available. (EXPERIMENTAL)
2014-06-30 capela
* Adjusted configure check for libgig to detect the new includedir.
2014-06-18 capela
* Fixed configure check for SoundFont2 support (libgig/SF.h).
2014-06-16 capela
* A man page has beed added (making up Matt Flax's work on debian, thanks).
2014-06-15 persson
* Fixed small error in recent libgig configure check.
* Fixed old configure problem for cross compiling.
2014-06-15 capela
* Translations install directory change. (EXPERIMENTAL)
2014-06-01 schoenebeck
* Adjusted configure check for libgig to detect its new libdir (impolitely forcing the user now to have at least libgig 3.3.0).
2014-05-20 schoenebeck
* Added instrument list popup on channel strip which shows up when the instrument name is clicked. Allows faster switching among instruments of the same file.
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2014-01-01 capela
* A fifth of a Jubilee release.
2013-06-01 schoenebeck
* Autoconf fix: AC_CONFIG_HEADER obsolete error (fixes #194).
2013-02-24 capela
* Use getaddrinffo() instead of deprecated gethostbyname().
2013-02-23 capela
* Update on newer autoconf macros (m4).
2010-09-28 persson
* fixes for building for Windows with configure and make
* makefile fixes for building in separate directory
2009-08-01 capela
* Preparations for the 0.5.6 release.
2008-12-11 schoenebeck
* fixed locale related parser bug (fixes #59)
* bumped version to
2008-12-07 schoenebeck
* added new client interface functions, for managing the global limit of maximum voices and disk streams: lscp_get_voices(), lscp_set_voices(), lscp_get_streams(), lscp_set_streams()
* bumped version to
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2012-05-30 iliev
* save effect parameters into lscp file (see #179)
2012-01-30 iliev
* fixed bug #160
2012-01-25 iliev
* the default MIDI bank numbering is now zero-based
2011-12-15 iliev
* Initial support for Android platforms (only sampler channel manipulation for now - see the screenshots on the website)
2011-11-24 iliev
* fixed bug #156
2011-11-23 iliev
* Added option to select a sampler engine in Add/Edit Instrument dialog
* Moved all Swing dependent code outside the JSampler core
2011-09-19 iliev
* Usе multicolumn menus for adding instruments to MIDI maps and to orchestras from the Instruments Database
2011-08-17 iliev
* fixed engine cache
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2011-11-23 iliev
* Client: added new method - getProtocolVersion
2011-08-17 iliev
* fixed engine cache
2011-08-16 iliev
* Cache engines' info to speed up the sampler channels' info retrieval
2011-07-03 iliev
* added two new methods to FxSend class: getDestChainId and getDestChainPos
2011-06-28 iliev
* added three new methods to EffectParameter class - getEffectInstanceId, getIndex, toString
2011-06-28 iliev
* minor refactoring
2011-06-24 iliev
* Added support for send effects
2009-08-03 iliev
* preparations for release 0.8
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