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libgig Subversion History

2021-09-03 schoenebeck
* man/ Add description about regular expression format being used by this tool.
2021-09-02 schoenebeck
* src/tools/wav2gig.cpp: fix default RegEx patterns to ignore leading path.
* src/tools/wav2gig.cpp: fix --regex-* argument parsing.
* src/tools/wav2gig.cpp: print source of parameters if --verbose is used.
* man/ point out where samples' root note is taken from.
* Bumped version (4.3.0.svn34).
2021-09-02 schoenebeck
* wav2gig tool: add --verbose option.
* Bumped version (4.3.0.svn33).
2021-08-31 schoenebeck
* wav2gig tool: add --dry-run option.
* Bumped version (4.3.0.svn32).
2021-08-30 schoenebeck
* wav2gig tool: allow overriding the input .wav file name scheme by custom regular expression passed as command line argument(s).
* Bumped version (4.3.0.svn31).
2021-08-28 schoenebeck
* wav2gig tool: use note number from wav file name if there was no note info stored in the wav file itself already.
2021-08-03 schoenebeck
* Add new command line tool "wav2gig".
* Bumped version (4.3.0.svn30).
2021-07-19 schoenebeck
* gig: Fixed iterator invalidation (i.e. crash) caused by adding / removing instruments (only triggered if now deprecated File::GetFirstInstrument() / File::GetNextInstrument() methods were still used).
* Bumped version (4.3.0.svn29).
2021-07-19 schoenebeck
* DLS: Fixed iterator invalidation (i.e. crash) caused by adding / removing instruments (only triggered if now deprecated File::GetFirstInstrument() / File::GetNextInstrument() methods were still used).
2021-07-19 schoenebeck
* gig: Fixed iterator invalidation (i.e. crash) caused by adding / removing / moving regions (only triggered if now deprecated File::GetFirstRegion() / File::GetNextRegion() methods were still used).
2021-07-19 schoenebeck
* DLS: Fixed iterator invalidation (i.e. crash) caused by adding / removing / moving regions (only triggered if now deprecated File::GetFirstRegion() / File::GetNextRegion() methods were still used).
2021-07-17 schoenebeck
* gig: Fixed Sample::Write() method not having updated sample's CRC (correctly) if sample was previously resized.
* Bumped version (4.3.0.svn28).
2021-07-16 schoenebeck
* gig/DLS: Fix iterator invalidation (i.e. crash) caused by adding / removing samples (fixes SVN r3928).
* Bumped version (4.3.0.svn27).
2021-06-24 schoenebeck
* gig: Fix missing samples in wave pool (fixes SVN r3924).
* Bumped version (4.3.0.svn26).
2021-06-19 schoenebeck
* gig: Fixed Instrument::CountRegions() to be public.
* Bumped version (4.3.0.svn25).
2021-06-19 schoenebeck
* DLS: Added method Instrument::CountRegions().
* Bumped version (4.3.0.svn24).
2021-06-19 schoenebeck
* gig: Changed signature of method Instrument::UnsetScriptPatchVariable(int,String) to Instrument::UnsetScriptPatchVariable(ssize_t,String).
2021-06-19 schoenebeck
* gig: Changed signature of method Instrument::SetScriptPatchVariable(int,String,String) to Instrument::SetScriptPatchVariable(size_t,String,String).
2021-06-19 schoenebeck
* gig: Changed signature of method Instrument::GetScriptPatchVariable(int,String) to Instrument::GetScriptPatchVariable(size_t,String).
2021-06-19 schoenebeck
* gig: Changed signature of method Instrument::GetScriptPatchVariables(int) to Instrument::GetScriptPatchVariables(size_t).
2021-06-19 schoenebeck
* gig: Changed signature of method Instrument::IsScriptPatchVariableSet(int,String) to Instrument::IsScriptPatchVariableSet(size_t,String).
2021-06-19 schoenebeck
* gig: Changed signature of method Instrument::SetScriptSlotBypassed(uint,bool) to Instrument::SetScriptSlotBypassed(size_t,bool).
2021-06-19 schoenebeck
* gig: Changed signature of method Instrument::IsScriptSlotBypassed(uint) to Instrument::IsScriptSlotBypassed(size_t).
2021-06-19 schoenebeck
* gig: Changed signature of method Instrument::ScriptSlotCount() to return size_t instead of uint.
2021-06-19 schoenebeck
* gig: Changed signature of method Instrument::RemoveScriptSlot(uint) to Instrument::RemoveScriptSlot(size_t).
2021-06-19 schoenebeck
* gig: Changed signature of method Instrument::SwapScriptSlots(uint,uint) to Instrument::SwapScriptSlots(size_t,size_t).
2021-06-19 schoenebeck
* gig: Changed signature of method Instrument::GetScriptOfSlot(uint) to Instrument::GetScriptOfSlot(size_t).
2021-06-19 schoenebeck
* gig: Changed signature of method ScriptGroup::GetScript(uint) to ScriptGroup::GetScript(size_t).
2021-06-19 schoenebeck
* gig: Optimized method File::GetScriptGroup(size_t) to have constant time efficiency.
2021-06-19 schoenebeck
* gig: Changed signature of method File::GetScriptGroup(uint) to File::GetScriptGroup(size_t).
2021-06-19 schoenebeck
* gig: Optimized method ScriptGroup::GetScript() to have constant time efficiency.
2021-06-18 schoenebeck
* gig: Use File::GetInstrument() instead of File::GetFirstInstrument() / File::GetNextInstrument() in entire gig.cpp file.
* Bumped version (4.3.0.svn23).
2021-06-18 schoenebeck
* gig: Marked methods File::GetFirstInstrument() and File::GetNextInstrument() as deprecated.
2021-06-18 schoenebeck
* gig: Fixed File::GetInstrument(size_t,progress_t*) to be reentrant-safe.
2021-06-18 schoenebeck
* gig: Changed signature of method File::GetInstrument(uint,progress_t*) to File::GetInstrument(size_t,progress_t*).
2021-06-18 schoenebeck
* DLS: Added method File::GetInstrument().
* DLS: Marked methods File::GetFirstInstrument() and File::GetNextInstrument() as deprecated.
2021-06-18 schoenebeck
* DLS: Added method Articulator::GetArticulation().
* DLS: Marked methods Articulator::GetFirstArticulation() and Articulator::GetNextArticulation() as deprecated.
2021-06-17 schoenebeck
* gig: Use GetGroup() instead of GetFirstGroup() / GetNextGroup() in entire gig.cpp file.
* Bumped version (4.3.0.svn22).
2021-06-17 schoenebeck
* gig: Fixed GetGroup(String) to be reentrant-safe.
2021-06-17 schoenebeck
* gig: Marked methods GetFirstGroup() and GetNextGroup() as deprecated.
2021-06-17 schoenebeck
* gig: Fixed File::GetGroup(size_t) to be reentrant-safe.
* Bumped version (4.3.0.svn21).
2021-06-17 schoenebeck
* gig: Changed signature of method File::GetGroup(uint) to File::GetGroup(size_t).
2021-06-17 schoenebeck
* gig: Use Group::GetSample() instead of Group::GetFirstSample() / Group::GetNextSample() in entire gig.cpp file.
* Bumped version (4.3.0.svn20).
2021-06-17 schoenebeck
* gig: Added method Group::GetSample().
* gig: Marked methods Group::GetFirstSample() and Group::GetNextSample() as deprecated.
* Bumped version (4.3.0.svn19).
2021-06-15 schoenebeck
* Fix LIBGIG_DEPRECATED_API() macro for non GCC/clang compilers.
* Bumped version (4.3.0.svn18).
2021-06-15 schoenebeck
2021-06-15 schoenebeck
* gig: Use File::GetSample() instead of File::GetFirstSample() / File::GetNextSample() in entire gig.cpp file. - DLS: Use File::GetSample() instead of File::GetFirstSample() / File::GetNextSample() in entire DLS.cpp file.
* Bumped version (4.3.0.svn17).
2021-06-15 schoenebeck
* gig: Changed signature of method File::GetSample(uint) to File::GetSample(size_t,progress_t*).
* gig: Marked methods File::GetFirstSample() and File::GetNextSample() as deprecated.
* DLS: Added method File::GetSample().
* DLS: Marked methods File::GetFirstSample() and File::GetNextSample() as deprecated.
* Bumped version (4.3.0.svn16).
2021-06-15 schoenebeck
* gig: Use GetRegionAt() instead of GetFirstRegion() / GetNextRegion() in entire gig.cpp file.
* DLS: Use GetRegionAt() instead of GetFirstRegion() / GetNextRegion() in entire DLS.cpp file.
* Bumped version (4.3.0.svn15).
2021-06-15 schoenebeck
* DLS: Added method Instrument::GetRegionAt().
* DLS: Marked methods Instrument::GetFirstRegion() and Instrument::GetNextRegion() as deprecated.
* gig: Added method Instrument::GetRegionAt().
* gig: Marked methods Instrument::GetFirstRegion() and Instrument::GetNextRegion() as deprecated.
* Bumped version (4.3.0.svn14).
2021-06-14 schoenebeck
* gig: Use GetSubChunkAt() instead of GetFirstSubChunk() / GetNextSubChunk() in entire gig.cpp file.
* gig: Use GetSubListAt() instead of GetFirstSubList() / GetNextSubList() in entire gig.cpp file.
* Bumped version (4.3.0.svn13).
2021-06-14 schoenebeck
* DLS: Use GetSubChunkAt() instead of GetFirstSubChunk() / GetNextSubChunk() in entire DLS.cpp file.
* DLS: Use GetSubListAt() instead of GetFirstSubList() / GetNextSubList() in entire DLS.cpp file.
* Bumped version (4.3.0.svn12).
2021-06-14 schoenebeck
* RIFF: Use GetSubListAt() instead of GetFirstSubList() / GetNextSubList() in entire RIFF.cpp file.
* Bumped version (4.3.0.svn11).
2021-06-13 schoenebeck
RIFF: Add reentrant-safe traversal methods
* Added method List::GetSubChunkAt().
* Added method List::GetSubListAt().
* Marked methods List::GetFirstSubChunk(), List::GetNextSubChunk(), List::GetFirstSubList() and List::GetNextSubList() as deprecated.
* Bumped version (4.3.0.svn10).
2021-06-12 schoenebeck
* RIFF: Fix closing all file handles if IO-per-thread was enabled.
* Bumped version (4.3.0.svn9).
2021-06-07 schoenebeck
* RIFF: Fix deadlock in File::SetMode().
* Bumped version (4.3.0.svn8).
2021-06-07 schoenebeck
* RIFF: Added methods File::IsIOPerThread() and File::SetIOPerThread(bool); the latter allows to automatically use a separate file I/O stream state for each thread.
* Bumped version (4.3.0.svn7).
2021-06-04 schoenebeck
* gig::Sample: Fix unnecessary RAM consumption in case of 24 bit samples (InternalDecompressionBuffer is no longer needed for 24 bit samples since SVN r902 / libgig release 3.1.0).
* Bumped version (4.3.0.svn6).
2021-05-12 schoenebeck
* src/gig.cpp: Fix clang sanatizer warning in Region::SplitDimensionZone().
* Bumped version (4.3.0.svn5).
2021-05-12 schoenebeck
* src/gig.cpp: Fix clang sanatizer warning in Region::DeleteDimensionZone().
* Bumped version (4.3.0.svn4).
2021-05-12 schoenebeck
* src/RIFF.cpp: Fix potential garbage data access in List::LoadSubChunks() if reading a RIFF chunk ID failed.
* Bumped version (4.3.0.svn3).
2021-05-12 schoenebeck
* src/RIFF.cpp: Fix clang sanatizer warning in Chunk::LoadChunkData().
* Bumped version (4.3.0.svn2).
2021-05-12 schoenebeck
* src/SF.cpp: Fix clang sanatizer warning in File::DeleteInstrument().
* Bumped version (4.3.0.svn1).
2021-05-09 schoenebeck
* Preparations for new release (libgig 4.3.0).
2021-02-14 schoenebeck
* src/helper.h: Fix compile error with GCC 9 due to ignored result value of vasprintf() function call.
* Bumped version (4.2.0.svn19).
2021-02-14 schoenebeck
* configure: Error out if no UUID support detected instead of just printing a soft warning; because having no UUID generating support would break various behaviours of libgig nowadays.
* Bumped verseion (4.2.0.svn18).
2020-07-25 schoenebeck
* src/gig.cpp: Fixed undefined behaviour when modifying script slots on an instrument that had been cloned and not been saved yet (e.g. unintended modification of original instrument's script slots, and crash on Instrument destruction due to double free of pScriptRefs).
* Bumped version (4.2.0.svn17).
2020-05-24 schoenebeck
Serialization.cpp: Fix compatibility issues with new 2nd custom data type
* When encoding serialised data stream: always write 2nd custom data type name to data type blob, and append it actually to the end of the data type blob (not somewhere in the middle), no matter if a 2nd custom type is actually present (i.e. empty string) in object's data type or not.
* When decoding a serialised data stream: check the size of the data type blob, if the blob size is longer than a Srx v1.0 format data type blob, then assume there is a 2nd custom data type name, so read it (it might be an empty string if 2nd custom data type was not present on encoding side's object).
* Bumped version (4.2.0.svn16).
2020-05-23 schoenebeck
Serialization.cpp/.h: Added built-in support for C++ Map<> objects
* Introduced out of the box support for serialising / deserialising variables of C++ Map<> data types (a.k.a. std::map from the STL).
* DataType: Added optional 2nd custom type name.
* Bumped version (4.2.0.svn15).
2020-05-23 schoenebeck
* Serialization.cpp/.h: Added built-in support for C++ Set<> objects (a.k.a. std::set from the STL).
* Bumped version (4.2.0.svn14).
2020-05-19 schoenebeck
Serialization.cpp/.h: Added built-in support for C++ Array<> objects
* Introduced out of the box support for serialising / deserialising variables of C++ Array<> data types (a.k.a. std::vector from the STL).
* Member offsets are now signed and for (newly added support of) member variables on the heap -1 is always used as offset instead.
* Bumped version (4.2.0.svn13).
2020-05-19 schoenebeck
* Serialization.cpp/.h: Added new method Archive::operation() which allows applications to distinguish between serialization vs. deserialization in their serialize() method implementations.
* Bumped version (4.2.0.svn12).
2020-05-19 schoenebeck
* Serialization.h: Fixed assertion fault on some systems if a member variable was serialised which was declared as size_t or ssize_t data type.
* Bumped version (4.2.0.svn11).
2020-05-17 schoenebeck
Serialization.cpp/.h: Added support for "String" data type.
* Added method DataType::isString().
* Added method Object::setStringValue().
* Implemented built-in detection and serialization / deserialization of C++ String objects (a.k.a. std::string from the STL).
* Bumped Srx format version to 1.1.
* Bumped version (4.2.0.svn10).
2020-05-17 schoenebeck
* Serialization.cpp: Fixed broken Archive(RawData) constructor which always threw an Exception.
* Bumped version (4.2.0.svn9).
2020-02-01 schoenebeck
GIG FORMAT EXTENSION: Introducing support for 'patch' script variables.
* gig.cpp/.h: Added 5 new API methods to class gig::Instrument: IsScriptPatchVariableSet(), GetScriptPatchVariables(), GetScriptPatchVariable(), SetScriptPatchVariable(), UnsetScriptPatchVariable().
* gig.cpp: Store/restore values for those 'patch' variables persistently to/from a separate new 'SCPV' RIFF chunk as child of our own '3LS ' RIFF list chunk (which we use for our own gig format extensions on Instrument level).
* Bumped version (4.2.0.svn8).
2020-01-22 schoenebeck
* Require some UUID generating function by underlying system.
* gig.h/.cpp: Script class: Generate a persistent UUID for each script.
* Bumped version (4.2.0.svn7).
2020-01-10 schoenebeck
* gig.cpp: Added methods Region::UsesAnyGigFormatExtension(), Instrument::UsesAnyGigFormatExtension() and File::UsesAnyGigFormatExtension() (as private methods for now, see comments on methods for reason why).
* gig.cpp: Only write pure-GSt-compatibility RIFF chunks introduced by SVN r3657 if the file is not using any of our gig format extensions anyway.
* Bumped version (4.2.0.svn6).
2020-01-10 schoenebeck
* gig.cpp: Region::DeleteDimensionZone(): Fixed dimensions being in different order after deleting a dimension zone.
* Bumped version (4.2.0.svn5).
2019-12-14 schoenebeck
* Compatibility fix (gig.cpp): GigaStudio 3 expects '3dnm' and '3ddp' RIFF chunks (original patch by Ivan Maguidhir).
* Bumped version (4.2.0.svn4).
2019-12-14 schoenebeck
* Compatibility fix (gig.cpp): GigaStudio always expects 128 '3gnm' RIFF chunks (patch by Ivan Maguidhir).
2019-12-08 schoenebeck
* GIG FORMAT EXTENSION: added LinuxSampler specific filter type implementations to enum gig::vcf_type_t: vcf_type_lowpass_1p, vcf_type_lowpass_2p, vcf_type_lowpass_4p, vcf_type_lowpass_6p, vcf_type_highpass_1p, vcf_type_highpass_2p, vcf_type_highpass_4p, vcf_type_highpass_6p, vcf_type_bandpass_2p, vcf_type_bandreject_2p.
* Bumped version (4.2.0.svn2).
2019-10-02 schoenebeck
* Autoconf: require at least a C++11 compliant compiler.
* gig.cpp/.h: GIG FORMAT EXTENSION: Added attributes DimensionRegion::LFO1WaveForm, DimensionRegion::LFO2WaveForm and DimensionRegion::LFO3WaveForm, which allow to override LFOs' default wave form (e.g. saw or square instead of the default wave form which was always sine in the original Gigasampler/GigaStudio software).
* gig.cpp/.h: GIG FORMAT EXTENSION: Added attributes DimensionRegion::LFO1Phase, DimensionRegion::LFO2Phase and DimensionRegion::LFO3Phase, which allow to move the start point horizontally of the LFOs' waves on the time axis (0° ... 360°).
* gig.cpp/.h: GIG FORMAT EXTENSION: Added attribute DimensionRegion::LFO3FlipPhase (the original Gigasampler/GigaStudio software only had that flip phase option for LFO1 and LFO2).
* gig.cpp/.h: Added method DimensionRegion::UsesAnyGigFormatExtension() (however only as private method yet, see comments on method why).
* src/tools/gigdump.cpp: Print dimension region properties LFO1WaveForm, LFO2WaveForm, LFO3WaveForm, LFO1Phase, LFO2Phase, LFO3Phase, LFO1FlipPhase, LFO2FlipPhase and LFO3FlipPhase.
* Bumped version (4.2.0.svn1).
2019-07-25 schoenebeck
* Preparations for new release (libgig 4.2.0).
2019-02-28 schoenebeck
* Fixed crash in RIFF, DLS and gig classes which occurred on certain of their actions when not passing a progress_t callback structure.
* Bumped version (4.1.0.svn16).
2019-02-23 schoenebeck
* Fixed several issues with new gig extension file write support (original patch by Ivan Maguidhir)
* Added test cases against helper functions.
* Bumped version (4.1.0.svn15).
2019-02-22 schoenebeck
* gig.h, gig.cpp: Added File::GetRiffFile() method.
* DLS.h, DLS.cpp: Added File::GetRiffFile() method.
* sf2.h, sf2.cpp: Added Sample::GetFile() and File::GetRiffFile() methods.
* RIFF.h, RIFF.cpp: Added a 2nd (overridden) progress_t::subdivide() method which allows a more fine graded control into which portions the subtasks are divided to.
* RIFF Fix: API doc comment for Chunk::GetFilePos() was completely wrong.
* Bumped version (4.1.0.svn14).
2019-02-21 schoenebeck
* Fix: Don't automatically delete RIFF chunks from DLS/gig classes' destructors. Added new virtual method DeleteChunks() to those classes for this which must be explicitly called instead to remove their RIFF chunks.
* Fix: Many methods of DLS/gig classes assumed a RIFF chunk read position of zero; which is unsafe per se.
* Added C++11 "override" keyword where appropriate.
* DLS.cpp, DLS.h: Added new abstract interface base class DLS::Storage which is derived by the respective classes for implementing (the old) UpdateChunks() and the new DeleteChunks() method.
* RIFF.cpp, RIFF.h: Added new method progress_t::subdivide().
* Bumped version (4.1.0.svn13).
2019-02-20 schoenebeck
* Added MSVC build support (anonymous patch from mailing list).
* Introduced CMake build support (yet constrained for building with MSVC) (anonymous patch from mailing list).
* Bumped version (4.1.0.svn12).
2019-02-20 schoenebeck
* WIP: Introduced support for writing extension files (.gx01, .gx02, ...) (original patch by Ivan Maguidhir).
* Bumped version (4.1.0.svn11).
2019-02-12 persson
* RIFF.h: Avoid compiler warning when building for 32 bit windows.
2019-02-10 schoenebeck
* Serialization.cpp: Fixed memory leak in DataType::customTypeName().
* Bumped version (4.1.0.svn10).
2019-02-10 schoenebeck
* DLS.cpp/DLS.h: Fixed implicitly allocated RIFF::File object never been freed.
* Bumped version (4.1.0.svn9).
2019-01-27 persson
* src/Serialization.cpp: Fixed comparision logic bug
2018-12-23 schoenebeck
* GIG FORMAT EXTENSION: Added attribute DimensionRegion::NoNoteOffReleaseTrigger which allows to disable the regular behaviour of playing release trigger sample on MIDI note-off events.
* Bumped version (4.1.0.svn8).
2018-12-22 schoenebeck
* GIG FORMAT EXTENSION: Added attribute DimensionRegion::SustainReleaseTrigger which allows to define whether a sustain pedal up event shall cause a release trigger sample to be played (default: don't play release trigger sample by sustain pedal).
* Bumped version (4.1.0.svn7).
2018-12-09 schoenebeck
* Fixed gig v4 files falsely being handled as v2 format (patch by Ivan Maguidhir).
* Added gig v4 version identifier (File::VERSION_4).
* Bumped version (4.1.0.svn6).
2018-05-08 schoenebeck
* src/tools/gigdump.cpp: Added command line option --instrument-names which causes only instrument names and their index numbers to be printed.
* Bumped version (4.1.0.svn5).
2018-01-30 schoenebeck
* src/gig.cpp, src/gig.h: Added new method File::CountSamples().
* src/gig.cpp, src/gig.h: Added new method File::CountInstruments().
* Bumped version (4.1.0.svn4).
2018-01-24 schoenebeck
* src/RIFF.cpp: Fix: Calling File::SetMode() left an undefined file handle on Windows and caused a resource leak.
* Bumped version (4.1.0.svn3).
2017-12-09 schoenebeck
* src/gig.cpp, src/gig.h: Fixed Doxygen API comments for enum types (currently latest Doxygen [v1.8.13] only supports C comments in macro arguments expansion, but not C++ comments; see <FindDefineArgs> lexer rules in src/pre.l of the Doxygen source code, which currently also filter out new line chars).
* Bumped version (4.1.0.svn2).
2017-12-03 schoenebeck
* src/Serialization.cpp, src/Serialization.h: Hide pure internal declarations from header file to avoid numerous compiler warnings when building and linking against the public API.
* Bumped version (4.1.0.svn1).
2017-11-25 schoenebeck
* Preparations for new release (libgig 4.1.0).
2017-11-24 schoenebeck
* src/Akai.cpp: Fixed compilation error with recent, more strict compilers.
* Bumped version (4.0.0.svn34).
2017-10-13 schoenebeck
* Debian: Added config file /etc/ instead of fiddling directly with /etc/ by postinst and postrm scripts as before.
2017-10-07 schoenebeck
* Debian: Fixed packaging error about invalid substitution variable "Source-Version".
* Debian: Raised Debian compatibility level to Debian 9 "Stretch".
2017-10-03 schoenebeck
* src/gig.cpp: Fixed undefined behavior when loading a gig file with invalid wave pool index number (fixes CVE-2017-12954).
* Bumped version (4.0.0.svn33).
2017-10-03 schoenebeck
* src/gig.cpp: Fixed undefined behavior when loading a gig file with invalid velocity curve parameters (fixes CVE-2017-12951).
* Bumped version (4.0.0.svn32).
2017-10-03 schoenebeck
* Fixed CVE-2017-12950, CVE-2017-12952, CVE-2017-12953 (original patch by Paul Brossier, slightly modified).
* Bumped version (4.0.0.svn31).
2017-07-29 schoenebeck
* Serialization::DataType fix: Retain backward compatiblity to older versions of native C++ classes/strcts.
* Bumped version (4.0.0.svn30).
2017-07-23 schoenebeck
* gig.h/.cpp: Splitted the new DimensionRegion::EGOptions into EG1Options and EG2Options, so that this can be configured individually for the first two EGs.
* Bumped version (4.0.0.svn29).
2017-07-21 schoenebeck
* gig.h/.cpp: Forgot about "decay 2" stage in previous commit.
* Bumped version (4.0.0.svn28).
2017-07-20 schoenebeck
* gig.h/.cpp: Added new struct "eg_opt_t" and new class member variable "DimensionRegion::EGOptions" as an extension to the gig file format, which allows to override the default behavior of EGs' state machines.
* DLS.h: Got rid of C-style typedefs.
* src/tools/gigdump.cpp: Print the new EG behavior options.
* Bumped version (4.0.0.svn27).
2017-05-23 schoenebeck
* gig.cpp: Ignore invalid leverage controller types and just show a warning on the console instead of throwing an exception.
* Bumped version (4.0.0.svn26).
2017-05-21 schoenebeck
* Fixed compilation error on Windows.
* Bumped version (4.0.0.svn25).
2017-05-21 schoenebeck
* RIFF/DLS/gig/Serialization: Exception classes now have a variadic constructor which allows to add textual format specifiers like with printf().
* gig.cpp: On unknown leverage controller exception: show precise unknown leverage controller number found.
2017-05-17 schoenebeck
* Serialization: Handle human readable boolean text representations like "yes", "no", "true", "false" in Archive::setAutoValue() as expected.
* Bumped version (4.0.0.svn24).
2017-05-15 schoenebeck
* Wrote API documentation for entire new Serialization framework.
* Hide some of the method implementation of the Serialization framework.
2017-05-14 schoenebeck
* Serialization framework: moved methods setVersion() and setMinVersion() from class Object to class Archive, and hide enum type operation_t from the public API.
* Bumped version (4.0.0.svn23).
2017-05-14 schoenebeck
* Just some minor API cosmetics: renamed recently added enum reflections API function countEmum() -> enumCount().
* Bumped version (4.0.0.svn22).
2017-05-11 schoenebeck
* Fixed compile errors with some compilers.
2017-05-11 schoenebeck
* Fixed potential crash in command line tools gig2stereo, korg2gig, korgdump and sf2extract.
2017-05-10 schoenebeck
* Print compiler warning if no RTTI available.
* Serialization::DataType class: Implemented demangling C++ type names (for methods asLongDescr() and customTypeName(bool demangle=false)).
* gig.h: When there is no RTTI, only hide API functions which really require RTTI.
* Bumped version (4.0.0.svn21).
2017-05-10 schoenebeck
* src/gig.h: Added enum reflection API functions for retrieving enum declaration type information at runtime (countEnum(), enumKey(), enumKeys(), enumValue()).
* Archive: Added methods valueAsInt(), valueAsReal() and valueAsBool().
* Bumped version (4.0.0.svn20).
2017-05-09 schoenebeck
* More old compiler backward compatibility fixes.
2017-05-09 schoenebeck
* Attempt to fix type traits issue with older compilers.
2017-05-08 schoenebeck
* Fix: Archive creation and modification time were not encoded correctly.
* Bumped version (4.0.0.svn19).
2017-05-08 schoenebeck
* class Archive: Added methods name() and setName().
* class Archive: Added methods comment() and setComment().
* class Archive: Added methods timeStampCreated(), timeStampModified(), dateTimeCreated() and dateTimeModified().
* Bumped version (4.0.0.svn18).
2017-05-06 schoenebeck
* Serialization.cpp/.h: class Object: Added method memberByUID(), and method remove() is now protected, class Archive: Added method removeMember().
* Bumped version (4.0.0.svn17).
2017-05-05 schoenebeck
* Serialization.cpp/.h: Added new methods isModified(), setAutoValue(), setIntValue(), setRealValue(), setBoolValue(), setEnumValue(), valueAsString() to class Archive.
* Serialization.cpp/.h: Archive::rawData(): Automatically re-encode new raw data stream if archive had been modified (i.e. by remove(), setAutoValue(), etc.).
* Bumped version (4.0.0.svn16).
2017-05-03 schoenebeck
* Added new "Serialization" framework (and equally named namespace) which allows to serialize and deserialize native C++ objects in a portable, easy and flexible way.
* gig.cpp/gig.h: Added support for serializing & deserializing DimensionRegion objects (and crossfade_t and leverage_ctrl_t objects).
* Bumped version (4.0.0.svn15).
2017-04-16 schoenebeck
* src/gig.cpp: Fixed method File::AddContentOf() which did not clone script groups and scripts of passed original file.
* Bumped version (4.0.0.svn14).
2017-04-15 schoenebeck
* src/gig.cpp: Fixed CRC checksums being wrong sometimes.
* src/tools/gig2stereo.cpp: Also merge mono sample pairs with non matching loop information if argument "--incompatible" was given.
* Bumped version (4.0.0.svn13).
2017-02-15 schoenebeck
* gig.cpp: Instruments' default pitch bend range is now +-2 semi tones.
* Bumped version (4.0.0.svn12).
2016-12-14 schoenebeck
* Fixed various compiler warnings.
* Bumped version (4.0.0.svn11).
2016-09-24 schoenebeck
* gig.cpp: Changed default value of DimensionRegion::EG2Release (filter release time) to 60s.
* Bumped version (4.0.0.svn10).
2016-09-24 schoenebeck
* src/gig.cpp, src/gig.h: Fixed samples' CRC checksums were misordered when a Sample was deleted.
* src/gig.cpp, src/gig.h: Added new method Sample::GetWaveDataCRC32Checksum().
* src/tools/gigdump.cpp: print samples' CRC32 checksums.
* Bumped version (4.0.0.svn9).
2016-09-20 schoenebeck
* gig.cpp/gig.h: Added new method Sample::VerifyWaveData() which allows to check whether a sample had been damaged for some reason.
* gigdump tool: added and implemented new parameter "--verify" which allows to check the raw wave form data integrity of all samples.
* gigdump tool: added and implemented new parameter "--rebuild-checksums" which allows to recalculate the CRC32 checksum of all samples' raw wave data and rebuilding the gig file's global checksum table (i.e. in case the file's checksum table was damaged).
* Bumped version (4.0.0.svn8).
2016-09-20 schoenebeck
* src/tools/gigextract.cpp: Fix: if sample name contains a path separator (slash or backslash) then replace them by a minus sign to avoid file system issues.
* src/tools/gigdump.cpp: additionally print RIFF chunk file offset and RIFF chunk size of sample data.
* Bumped version (4.0.0.svn7).
2016-05-21 schoenebeck
* gig.cpp: Fixed Region::UpdateUpdateVelocityTable() which did not work correctly if there were dimensions after the velocity dimension: it only created valid velocity tables for cases of dimensions lower than the velocity dimension.
* gigdump: Additionally print VelocityUpperLimit and DimensionUpperLimits of all dimension regions.
* Bumped version (4.0.0.svn6).
2016-05-18 schoenebeck
* Using now native integer size where appropriate.
* Bumped version (4.0.0.svn5).
2016-05-17 schoenebeck
* Fixed compile error on Windows.
2016-05-17 schoenebeck
* Revised previous commit: Instead of using a custom new RIFF chunk, check the overall file size and in case .gig file is >= 2GB expect a large monolithic file, otherwise if .gig file is < 2 GB check for "extension" files (.gx01, .gx02, ...) instead.
* Bumped version (4.0.0.svn4).
2016-05-17 schoenebeck
* gig.cpp/.h: GIG FORMAT EXTENSION: Added support for saving gig file larger than 4 GB as one single monolithic gig file. A new custom RIFF chunk "FFmt" was added to distinguish such monolithic large .gig files from old ones which were splitted over several (.gx01, .gx02, ...) "extension" files before.
* DLS.cpp/.h: Sample class: wave pool offsets are now 64 bits (to allow support for files larger than 4 GB).
* RIFF.cpp/.h: Addded support for RIFF files larger than 4 GB, by default the required internal RIFF file offset size is automatically detected (that is RIFF files < 4 GB automatically use 32 bit offsets while files >= 4 GB automatically use 64 bit offsets), a particular offset size can be forced with a new option added to the RIFF File constructor though.
* RIFF.cpp/.h: When saving a modified, grown RIFF file, the temporary file size during Save() operation will no longer be larger than the final grown file size.
* Automake: Set environment variable GCC_COLORS=auto to allow GCC to auto detect whether it (sh/c)ould output its messages in color.
* Bumped version (4.0.0.svn3).
2016-05-12 schoenebeck
* gig/DLS: Removed 2GB limitation when loading a gig or DLS file.
* korg2gig: Fixed fine tuning which was not translated at all.
* Bumped version (4.0.0.svn2).
2016-04-06 schoenebeck
* Debian packaging: Fixed unnecessary lib dependencies of projects linked against libgig by wiping the 'dependency_libs' fields from all .la files. Note that this might require manual adjustments to projects linking statically against libgig (see for details).
* Debian packaging: Assigned as maintainer of this package.
2016-04-06 schoenebeck
* Bumped version (4.0.0.svn1).
2015-08-23 persson
* gig: fixed bug in Script::SetGroup: the script chunk wasn't moved
* fixed compilation error with clang 3.4
* akai tools: improved output of non-ascii characters in usage messages
* fixed compile warnings
2015-07-14 schoenebeck
* Preparations for new release (libgig 4.0.0).
2015-07-02 schoenebeck
* src/SF.cpp, src/SF.h: - Added new method Sample::ReadNoClear().
* Added new command line tool "sf2extract" (and a man page for it).
* Bumped version (3.3.0.svn29).
2015-05-13 schoenebeck
* unit tests: fixed wrong return value when test suite app exits (patch by Ryan Schmidt)
2015-01-13 schoenebeck
* RIFF: Cleanup of an old DLL binary backward compatibility hack.
* Bumped version (3.3.0.svn28).
2015-01-13 schoenebeck
* Bugfix of previous commit.
* Bumped version (3.3.0.svn27).
2015-01-12 schoenebeck
* gig: Added new method Instrument::MoveTo() which allows to rearrange the order of instruments within the same gig file.
* Bumped version (3.3.0.svn26).
2015-01-11 schoenebeck
* Bugfix: Adding a new region in between two existing regions caused the new one being dropped after save operation and the gig file (or DLS file) being tainted (chunks were at wrong location in the RIFF tree).
* Bumped version (3.3.0.svn25).
2015-01-06 schoenebeck
* Bug fix in "gig2stereo" command line tool, and added an additional option "--incompatible" for this tool.
* Bumped version (v3.3.0.svn24).
2015-01-03 schoenebeck
* RIFF: Fixed embarrassing old bug: POSIX read() errors were never detected on Chunk::Read() calls due to signment incompatible variable.
* Added new command line tool "gig2stereo" (and a man page for it).
* Bumped version (v3.3.0.svn23).
2014-12-29 schoenebeck
* gig: Added support for custom progress notification while saving to gig file.
* DLS: Added support for custom progress notification while saving to DLS file.
* RIFF: Added support for custom progress notification while saving to RIFF file.
* Bumped version (3.3.0.svn22).
2014-09-14 schoenebeck
* RIFF.cpp, POSIX: only assume -1 result value as error on open() calls.
* RIFF.cpp, POSIX: show operating system's error reason if opening a file failed.
* Bumped version (3.3.0.svn21).
2014-07-07 schoenebeck
* gig: Fixed crash when saving a gig file after all instrument scripts have been explicitly deleted.
* Bumped version (3.3.0.svn20).
2014-06-18 schoenebeck
* gig: Fixed file corruption if instrument(s) with script slot(s) were loaded and saved before their scripts were ever referenced.
* gig: Backward compatibility fix: Remove own custom RIFF chunks if all script slots were deleted.
* Bumped version (3.3.0.svn19).
2014-06-16 schoenebeck
* gig.h/.cpp: Added new method Region::SetDimensionType().
* Bumped version (3.3.0.svn18).
2014-06-08 schoenebeck
* gig: Fixed instrument script slot saving/loading.
* gigdump tool: Show scripts and script slots.
* Bumped version (3.3.0.svn17).
2014-06-07 schoenebeck
* gig.cpp: Fixed loading instrument script from file.
2014-06-07 schoenebeck
* gig.h/.cpp: Added new method Script::GetGroup().
* Bumped version (3.3.0.svn15).
2014-06-07 schoenebeck
* gig.cpp/.h: Added new method Region::GetDimensionRegionIndexByValue().
* Bumped version (3.3.0.svn14).
2014-06-04 schoenebeck
* gig.cpp: Missed implementation of Instrument::GetScriptOfSlot().
2014-06-01 schoenebeck
* Debian: Fixed packaging regarding libgig's new libdir.
2014-06-01 schoenebeck
* Akai.cpp: POSIX fix: open() requires third (mode) argument if used with O_CREAT (fixes #219).
2014-06-01 schoenebeck
* Header files are now installed under $(prefix)/include/libgig/ by default.
* and files are now installed under $(prefix)/lib/libgig/ by default.
* Fixed various packaging issues regarding installation directories (fixes #218).
2014-05-31 schoenebeck
* gig.h/.cpp: GIG FORMAT EXTENSION: added support for real-time instrument scripts.
* RIFF.h/.cpp: added 2nd alternative method for List::MoveSubChunk(), the old 1st one allows to move a subchunk within the current List whereas the new 2nd one allows to move the subchunk from the current list to another list.
* Bumped version (3.3.0.svn13).
2014-05-24 persson
* fixed compile error in gigextract
2014-05-22 schoenebeck
* AKAI: Fixed various compilation errors for Windows.
2014-05-22 schoenebeck
* Akai: Fixed Mac OSX support so that the Akai lib files and tools compile without any exotic third party libraries.
2014-05-22 schoenebeck
* Added fork of libakai (this fork provides Linux support) which allows reading AKAI medias. Comes with two command line tools 'akaidump' and 'akaiextract'. Also added a man page for each tool.
2014-05-21 schoenebeck
* moved source files of command line tools to new subdir src/tools
2014-05-20 schoenebeck
* gig.cpp: Fixed crash caused by Region::GetDimensionRegionByValue() that happened with certain velocity split sounds under certain conditions (added bound constraints to prevent that).
2014-05-19 schoenebeck
* korg2gig tool: handle the two special sample references "SKIPPEDSAMPL" and "INTERNALnnnn" (aborted before)
2014-05-17 schoenebeck
* gig.cpp: update velocity table at the end of Region::DeleteDimensionZone() and Region::SplitDimensionZone()
* bumped version (3.3.0.svn12)
2014-05-16 schoenebeck
* gig.h/.cpp: Added new method Region::DeleteDimensionZone(dimension_t, int)
* gig.h/.cpp: Added new method Region::SplitDimensionZone(dimension_t, int)
* Bumped version (3.3.0.svn11)
2014-05-14 schoenebeck
* korg2gig tool fix: only create a velocity gig dimension if the source KORG instrument actually provides more than one velocity zone
2014-05-13 schoenebeck
* Fix: don't alter region pointer in gig::DimensionRegion::CopyAssign() (caused crash with the new "combine instruments" feature in gigedit).
* Added new method gig::Region::GetDimensionDefinition(dimension_t type).
* Added some more sanity checks in gig::Region::AddDimension().
* Added inline helper methods overlaps() for struct DLS::range_t.
* Added more API doc comments.
* Bumped version (3.3.0.svn10).
2014-05-10 schoenebeck
* korg2gig tool: Fixed .gig file corruption (caused i.e. crash in gigedit under certain conditions) regarding certain velocity split definitions.
2014-05-10 schoenebeck
* Initial support for sample based instruments in KORG's file format (.KMP and .KSF files) -> Korg.h, Korg.cpp.
* Added new command line tool "korgdump" (and a man page for it).
* Added new command line tool "korg2gig" (and a man page for it), for converting KORG sounds to Giga format.
* riftree tool: Added more command line options for being able to also dump other kind of file formats similar but not equal to the RIFF format.
* gig.h/.cpp: Added new method File::GetGroup(String name) for retrieving group by name.
* RIFF.h/.cpp: Added support for loading RIFF-like files with a bit different layout than "real" RIFF files (used for KORG format support).
* RIFF.h/.cpp: Added new method Chunk::GetFile().
* RIFF.h/.cpp: Added new method Chunk::GetLayout().
* Bumped version (3.3.0.svn9).
2014-04-23 schoenebeck
* GIG SOUND FORMAT EXTENSION: added additional MIDI controllers for leverage controller types (only works with LinuxSampler & gigedit, will not work with Gigasampler/GigaStudio).
* Bumped version (3.3.0.svn8).
2014-01-01 schoenebeck
* Added man page for "sf2dump".
* Debian: updated package descriptions.
2014-01-01 schoenebeck
* Enabled automatic svn "Revision" macro expansion on command line tool sources.
2013-12-31 schoenebeck
* Added new command line tool "gig2mono" (and a new man page for it).
* src/gig.cpp: Delete "ewav" chunk of Sample if "Compression" attribute was toggled to false.
* Bumped version to 3.3.0.svn7.
2013-11-25 schoenebeck
* Added new command line tool "gigmerge" which allows to merge a list of gig files to one single gig file.
* Added new "man" page for new tool "gigmerge".
* src/gig.h: Added new method File::AddContentOf().
* src/DLS.h: Added new method File::SetFileName().
* src/RIFF.h: Added new method File::SetFileName().
* src/RIFF.h: Added new method File::IsNew().
* Added "const" keyword to several methods.
* Bumped version to 3.3.0.svn6.
2013-09-08 schoenebeck
* bugfix: sample groups were sometimes created multiple times or with wrong textual group name
* bumped library version to v3.3.0.svn5
2013-09-05 schoenebeck
* src/gigextract.cpp: export sample loop, unity note and fine tune with libsndfile
2013-05-08 persson
* added write support for CtrlTrigger midi rule
* added read and write support for Legato and Alternator midi rules
2013-02-24 persson
* removed usage of deprecated Automake variable INCLUDES
2013-01-19 persson
* gig bugfix: negative EG3 depth values were not correctly parsed or saved
2013-01-07 schoenebeck
* implemented gig::File::AddDuplicateInstrument()
* bumped version to 3.3.0.svn4
2012-12-02 persson
* sf2 bugfix: GetPan always returned -1, 0 or 1
2012-09-08 persson
* fixed configure mistake in previous commit
2012-09-08 persson
* modernized configure script
2012-03-17 persson
* removed gcc 4.7 warnings
2012-03-12 schoenebeck
* added new method DLS::File::GetExtensionFile(int index)
* bumped version to 3.3.0svn3
2012-02-11 persson
* fixed minor "memory leak on exception" bug found with cppcheck
2011-09-19 schoenebeck
* src/DLS.cpp, src/DLS.h: added new method File::GetFileName()
* bumped version to 3.3.0.svn2
2011-07-15 iliev
* sf2: generators' values are now ensured to be in the allowed range
* sf2: GetEG2Sustain() now returns the decrease in the level
* sf2: removed ToPermilles() and added ToRatio() function
* sf2: added GetInitialFilterFc() and GetInitialFilterQ()
2011-07-11 iliev
* sf2: some fixes to sf2dump
* sf2: ToSeconds(), ToPermilles(), ToHz() are now exposed to the C++ API
2011-07-09 persson
* sf2: fixed GetEG1Sustain which didn't return correct value
2011-06-11 persson
* Mac OS X fix: link with CoreFoundation (for the UUID function)
2011-01-06 persson
* fixed memory leak and memory handling errors when file loading fails
2010-12-17 persson
* bugfix: VCF velocity dynamic range and VCF velocity curve weren't saved correctly
2010-09-28 persson
* minor Makefile fix for parallel make
2010-08-29 persson
* bugfix: avoid calling read() with count 0 when writing a file, as this may hang on some systems
2010-05-30 persson
* sf2: changed region lookup API to avoid malloc in RT threads
2010-01-10 persson
* sf2: fixes for big endian systems
* removed compiler warnings
2009-11-03 iliev
* sf2: better support for preset regions
2009-10-30 iliev
* sf2: 24bit support
* sf2: loop support
* sf2: implemented overridingRootKey
* sf2: implemented instrument global region
* sf2: bugfix: some regions were ignored
2009-10-27 iliev
* merged libsf2 into libgig
2009-07-30 schoenebeck
* preparations for release 3.3.0
2009-07-29 persson
* fixed a tiny memory leak
2009-05-03 persson
* minor fix in configure for building DLL on Windows
2009-04-16 persson
* bugfix: files that contain zero length RIFF lists were not read correctly (fixes #127) (bug was introduced 2009-03-13)
2009-03-26 schoenebeck
* fixed crash which occured when streaming a gig sample with bi-directional (a.k.a. 'pingpong') loop type (fixes #102)
2009-03-22 persson
* bugfix: destructor for base class RIFF::Chunk accessed members of derived class RIFF::File, which is bad, and caused crashes when using Visual C++
* bugfix: EG3 depth parameter was not saved correctly
* fixes for building with Visual C++
2009-03-13 schoenebeck
* src/RIFF.cpp : - bugfix: undefined behavior (e.g. endless loop) when opening zero length files, now throws a RIFF::Exception instead (fixes bug #121)
2009-03-08 persson
* bugfix: saving to the same file after the file size had been decreased sometimes made the file corrupt
2009-03-01 schoenebeck
* bugfix: refuse RIFF::Chunk::Read() in case chunk has just been added, that is not written physically yet (#82)
* bugfix in gig::Sample::LoadSampleData*(): reset sample read position to sample start before trying to (re)load sample data from file (#82)
2008-12-02 schoenebeck
* fixed rpmbuild error on Fedora Core 8 (fixes #86, patch by Devin Anderson)
2008-03-06 persson
* fixed compilation with gcc 4.3
2008-02-10 persson
* bugfix: saving to the same file after the file size had been increased made the file corrupt (#82)
* bugfix: removed another iterator invalidation in DeleteSample
* changed the functions for midi rules, to get rid of the iterator
2008-01-06 persson
* added partial support for MIDI rules, only the Controller Triggered rule is supported so far
2007-12-05 schoenebeck
* preparations for release 3.2.1
2007-11-25 schoenebeck
* src/gig.cpp, src/gig.h: added File::SetAutoLoad() and File::GetAutoLoad() for allowing applications to retrieve very superficial informations like amount of instruments and their names in a very fast way
2007-10-26 schoenebeck
* avoid Windows to perform unnecessary file stream caching which would decrease disk streaming performance on Windows systems otherwise
2007-10-14 persson
* removed a warning about dlfcn.h from configure script
2007-10-14 schoenebeck
* minor code refactoring regarding fixed string lenghts of fields in class DLS::Info
* preparations for release 3.2.0
2007-10-12 schoenebeck
* moved libgig's home to
2007-10-07 persson
* fixed crash when saving a file after a sample loop was added
2007-10-04 schoenebeck
* code refactoring: hid the CRC class (src/gig.h), no need to expose it to the API, since it's only used internally
2007-10-04 schoenebeck
* added a mainpage for the Doxygen API documentation
2007-09-30 schoenebeck
* added various setter methods to which take care of updating lookup tables / caches
2007-09-09 schoenebeck
* added virtual method SetKeyRange() to the gig and DLS Region classes, which automatically take care that the "resized" Region is at the correct position and that the lookup table for gig::Instrument::GetRegion() is updated (moved code from gigedit)
* MoveRegion() method of DLS::Region class is now private
* bugfix: gig::Instrument::UpdateRegionKeyTable() did not reset unused areas
2007-09-09 persson
* the configure script can now be used in Windows with MSYS
2007-08-31 schoenebeck
* src/gig.h, src/gig.cpp: - added method GetParent() to class 'DimensionRegion', which returns its parent Region
2007-08-25 persson
* AddDimension now copies all parameters from existing dimension regions and also makes sure that the samplechannel dimension is placed first
* Windows fixes: compile error in DLSID generator, saving a new file didn't work
2007-08-22 schoenebeck
* Debian packaging update
2007-08-02 persson
* write support fixes: allow regions/dimension regions without mapped samples, 3gnl in v3 files now always has 128 entries, several parameters where incorrectly saved due to an operator precedence mistake
* DeleteSample now removes all references to the deleted sample
2007-07-29 persson
* added write support for 24 bit samples
* set default version to 3 when creating a new file
* more chunk order fixes
* 3ewg is now bigger in v3
* one more einf field figured out
* added some dimension strings to gigdump
2007-06-22 persson
* more write support fixes: crossfade parameters were not saved, v3 dimension limits were not correctly initialized and saved when dimensions were added or deleted, v3 wave pool offsets were not saved correctly
2007-06-01 persson
* improved the default values for dimension region parameters
2007-05-27 persson
* added DLSID support
2007-05-20 persson
* added write support for the 3crc and einf chunks
* two previously unknown fields in dimension definition are now saved
* added constants for gig file versions
2007-05-17 persson
* write support fix: dimension region chunks were added in wrong list
2007-05-17 persson
* write support: files created by libgig will now have the RIFF chunks in correct order
2007-05-16 schoenebeck
* XCode project file(s) now capable of creating universal binaries for OSX
2007-05-13 persson
* removed the recently added RIFF::File constructor, added File::SetByteOrder instead
2007-05-13 persson
* added RIFF::File constructor with endianess parameter
* put pack Info::UseFixedLengthStrings, marked as deprecated, to ensure binary compatibility
* DLS files are always created as little-endian
2007-05-13 persson
* added missing parameter initalizations
* clear unused fields when saving
* fixed write support bugs: v3 dimension limits and chunksize weren't saved, leverage controller of type controlchange couldn't be saved, group name list chunk was placed wrong
* added initialization of some fixed info strings
2007-05-12 persson
* improved handling of fixed length info strings
2007-05-12 persson
* fixed write support for big-endian systems
2007-05-06 schoenebeck
* added XCode project files for Mac OSX (patch by Toshi Nagata)
2007-04-13 schoenebeck
* fixed segmentation fault in the gig::File destructor sequence which happened when gig::Group informations were accessed before
2007-04-11 schoenebeck
* src/DLS.cpp, src/DLS.h: - added Sampler::AddSampleLoop() and Sampler::DeleteSampleLoop() methods
2007-03-24 schoenebeck
* preparations for release 3.1.1
2007-03-23 schoenebeck
* fixed AddDimension() method which did not fill out all mandatory dimension definition fields
2007-03-18 schoenebeck
* fixed exceptions which occured when trying to save a new instrument: - override the gig::Regions sample reference simply by the region's first dimension region's sample - fixed software info field which was wrongly stored on instruments
2007-03-18 persson
* added MoveRegion and MoveSubChunk
* fixed initialization in AddRegion
2007-03-15 schoenebeck
* fixed group destructor which did not remove the RIFF chunk associated with the group
2007-03-15 schoenebeck
* src/gig.cpp, src/gig.h: fixed group names which were not saved
2007-03-12 schoenebeck
* fixed RIFF::Chunk destructor which did not unregister previously resized chunks, leading to a "zero size chunk" exception when File::Save() was called
2007-03-08 schoenebeck
* fixed crash which occured on interfering File::DeleteSample() and File::GetNextSample() calls (due to iterator invalidation)
2007-03-08 schoenebeck
* added new method File::DeleteGroupOnly() which only deletes the given group but moves all its members to another group, the other method, that is File::DeleteGroup() now removes not just the group, but also all the samples that belong to that group
2007-03-06 persson
* added "smart midi" and "round robin keyboard" dimensions
2007-03-05 persson
* custom velocity splits now works for gig v3 files too
* added support for custom splits points for other dimensions than velocity (gig v3 feature)
2007-03-03 schoenebeck
* fixed libgig's Dev-C++ project file to produce an actually working Windows DLL file (mandatory symbols were not exported so far)
* fixed native Windows implementation of RIFF::File::__GetFileSize() to work with younger versions than XP as well
* added Dev-C++ project files for the demo / example applications as well
* added instructions in README for how to compile libgig and its tools for Windows
2007-03-02 schoenebeck
* ported to Windows using native Windows functions for file IO (provided Dev-C++ + mingw project file)
* renamed macro WAVE_FORMAT_PCM to DLS_WAVE_FORMAT_PCM to avoid clash with definition in i.e. windows.h
2006-11-24 schoenebeck
* preparations for release 3.1.0
2006-10-29 schoenebeck
* src/gig.cpp, src/gig.h: fixed behavior regarding the newly added support for sample groups, the initial implementation assumed a group index of 0 in the .gig file to mean "no group assigned" and thus the possibility that there might not be a group at all, but in fact the .gig format assumes always at least one group (the default group), thus a group index of 0 means "member of default group"
2006-10-24 schoenebeck
* support for Gigasampler's sample groups added
2006-10-24 persson
* added DLS INFO string Subject and fixed string Media
* fixed SamplePeriod calculation
2006-10-19 schoenebeck
* fixed and expanded initial test cases
2006-09-15 schoenebeck
* bugfix: sampler parameters UnityNote, FineTune, Gain, SamplerOptions and SampleLoops were not stored when trying to save DLS or .gig files
2006-09-02 persson
* several fixes for the write support
2006-08-20 schoenebeck
* added CPPUnit test cases (at the moment primarily for automatic check of Gigasampler write support)
2006-08-10 schoenebeck
* src/gigdump.cpp: print global file informations
2006-07-22 persson
* real support for 24 bit samples
* support for reading of .art files
2006-05-31 capela
* packaging changes: - changed deprecated copyright attribute to license; added ldconfig to post-(un)install steps on libgig.spec (RPM)
2006-05-14 persson
* sample loop parameters are now taken from the DimensionRegion instead of the wave chunk
* keyswitching dimension is changed from split type "normal" to "bit"
2006-05-06 persson
* added support for more than one custom velocity split inside a region
2006-04-28 schoenebeck
* preparations for release 3.0.0
2006-02-10 persson
* fixed bug introduced in previous commit - info strings weren't correctly terminated
2006-02-06 persson
* fixed some memory management errors, one of them was causing a crash when a multi-file gig was deallocated
2006-02-05 schoenebeck
* src/RIFF.cpp: bugfix in File::Save() methods which did not ensure that the whole RIFF tree was already built before writing which caused opening an existing file and saving it afterwards to write just an empty file
2005-12-23 schoenebeck
* recommited bugfixes regarding .gig write support (that commit batch got lost due to the recent CVS server defect)
2005-11-22 schoenebeck
* src/gig.cpp, src/gig.h: - added write support (highly experimental) - removed unnecessary definitions from header file
* src/DLS.cpp: - try to load instruments/samples before adding a new instrument/sample
2005-11-22 schoenebeck
* src/RIFF.cpp: compilation error fix for big endian systems
* src/gigdump.cpp: show correct amount of dimension regions instead of 32 (patch by James Wylder)
2005-11-12 schoenebeck
* src/DLS.cpp: - further bugfixes regarding DLS write support
* src/dlsdump.cpp: - show for every region the name of the referenced sample - show file name in quotation marks
2005-11-10 schoenebeck
* bugfixes for the last commit batch
2005-11-09 schoenebeck
* src/RIFF.cpp, src/RIFF.h: - Chunk::LoadChunkData() can now be called again to resize the buffer after a Chunk::Resize() and before the File::Save() call to allow placing the new data in the chunk's write buffer and perform the resize and write operations in one rush
* src/DLS.cpp, src/DLS.h: - fixed loading of Articulation Connections (<artl> list chunks were seeked instead of ordinary <artl> data chunks) - added write support (highly experimental)
2005-11-03 schoenebeck
* fixed write support in RIFF classes
2005-09-25 schoenebeck
* added write support (only to the RIFF classes yet)
2005-09-18 persson
* support for the gig v3 feature to have a number of dimension splits not equal to a power of two
2005-09-17 persson
* fixed the GetVelocityCutoff function, it wasn't always using the VCFVelocityScale parameter when no cutoff controller was defined
2005-08-15 schoenebeck
* preparations for release 2.0.2
2005-07-26 persson
* added VCFCutoffControllerInvert parameter and GetVelocityCutoff function to DimensionRegion
2005-07-16 persson
* fixed the 24 bit decompression, the result should now be exact instead of an approximation
2005-06-19 persson
* added support for gig v3 multi-file format
2005-06-12 schoenebeck
* preparations for release 2.0.1
2005-06-06 persson
* added DimensionRegion::GetVelocityRelease function
2005-06-03 schoenebeck
* fixed mutual link dependency to libsndfile / libaudiofile
2005-05-24 flax
* fixed debian packaging
2005-05-16 schoenebeck
* src/gigextract.cpp: show also version of libsndfile or build version of libaudiofile when using the -v switch
2005-05-08 schoenebeck
* added functions libraryName() and libraryVersion() to each of the three library units (RIFF,DLS,gig)
* all tools now offer a command line switch -v to show the tools revision and the used libgig version
* man pages are now auto generated with the correct libgig version
2005-05-07 schoenebeck
* src/gig.h, src/gig.cpp: API change of progress callback
2005-05-07 schoenebeck
* src/gig.h, src/gig.cpp: implemented progress indicator callback mechanism for loading instruments and samples
* src/DLS.cpp: fixed File constructor which caused variable File::Instruments always to be zero
* src/RIFF.cpp: fixed method List::LoadSubChunks() which did not restore the original position within the body of the given list chunk
2005-05-05 schoenebeck
* src/gigdump.cpp: added output of LoopPlayCount
2005-04-10 persson
* removed build warnings
2005-03-10 flax
* example Debian packaging prep
2005-03-10 flax
* fixed debian packaging
2005-03-09 persson
* src/gig.h, src/gig.cpp: 24-bit decompression now supports the 20 and 18 bit formats
* src/gig.h, src/gig.cpp: added "random" and "round robin" dimensions
2005-02-23 persson
* src/gig.h, src/gig.cpp: added pre-calculated sample attenuation parameter
* src/gigdump: added output of Gain and SampleStartOffset
2005-02-22 schoenebeck
* fixed tiny compiler warning
2005-02-17 schoenebeck
* gig::Sample: external decompression buffers can now be used for streaming with Read() and ReadAndLoop() to avoid race conditions in case of multiple streaming threads
* fixed some memory leaks caused by non virtual base constructors
2005-02-14 schoenebeck
* fixed conditional linkage of either libsndfile or libaudiofile (if none of the two exist, configure will abort)
2005-02-11 persson
* src/gig.cpp: Fixed mono decompression.
2005-02-10 persson
* src/gig.cpp, src/gig.h, src/gigextract.cpp: Support for compressed mono samples. Experimental support for compressed 24 bit samples. Fixes for decompression on big-endian CPUs. Fix for bug that truncated end of compressed samples.
2005-02-04 schoenebeck
* src/gig.cpp: - another memory leak fix - duplicated memory free fix - tiny fix in decompression buffer reallocation (patch by "Gene" a.k.a Anders Alm)
2005-01-29 schoenebeck
* src/gig.cpp: fixed crash on patches which did not have a sample assigned to their region(s) or dimension region(s) (patch by Andreas Persson)
2005-01-25 schoenebeck
* src/gig.cpp: fixed some memory leaks (patch by Gene Anders)
2005-01-23 schoenebeck
* src/gig.h, src/gig.cpp: support for up to 8 dimensions as introduced by Gig V3 (patch by Andreas Persson)
2005-01-21 schoenebeck
* src/gig.cpp, src/gig.h: - fixed vcf_type_lowpassturbo value (vcf_type_lowpassturbo was actually never used, because the necessary check was made before initialization) - fixed crossfade points order (structure for big endian and little endian systems was interchanged)
2005-01-03 schoenebeck
* src/gigdump: added output of UnityNote and FineTune
2004-12-04 schoenebeck
* src/DLS.cpp, src/gig.cpp: experimental support for Gigasampler v3 format; 64 bit file offsets are truncated to 32 bit, 24 bit samples are truncated to 16 bit and additional articulation informations are ignored at the moment, added some file format compatibility checks (patch by Andreas Persson)
2004-11-26 capela
* gig.h oneliner forward declaration of gig::Region.
* Fixed man pages automake install rule.
* Doxygen documentation fix (make docs).
2004-11-21 schoenebeck
* src/gig.cpp, src/gig.h: applied patch by Andreas Persson which improves accuracy of all three velocity response curves
2004-10-13 schoenebeck
* src/gig.cpp, src/gig.h: added class attribute 'Layers' to class 'Region'
* src/gigdump.cpp: replaced printout of DLS Region layer by printout of amount of Gigasampler layers
2004-10-08 schoenebeck
* src/gig.cpp: fixed panorama value in DimensionRegion (invalid conversion from signed 7 bit to signed 8 bit)
* src/gigdump.cpp: added printout for panorama value for each DimensionRegion
2004-09-15 schoenebeck
* bugfix for dimension region switching (wrong handling of the release trigger dimension, no bit range check for dimensions of split type 'split_type_bit')
2004-09-09 schoenebeck
* src/gigdump.cpp: added printout of crossfade definitions
2004-09-05 schoenebeck
* src/gig.h, src/gig.cpp: fixed / improved accuracy of all three velocity to volume transformation functions (a.k.a. 'nonlinear','linear', 'special'), denormals are filtered from the velocity to volume tables
* src/gigdump.cpp: added printout of velocity response curve parameters
2004-08-28 schoenebeck
* added printout for dimension informations to the 'gigdump' tool (amount, type, bits, zones)
2004-08-18 schoenebeck
* added support for libsndfile to the 'gigextract' tool
2004-07-10 schoenebeck
* renamed '' -> '' and renamed pkg-config lib name 'libgig' -> 'gig' as it's common practice to omit the 'lib' prefix
2004-07-07 schoenebeck
* added support for generating Debian packages
* version of shared library can be set in
2004-07-02 capela
* packaging changes: - added libgig.spec and libgig.pc package configurations. - header files included on installation. - autotools-generated files removed from CVS repository.
2004-05-03 schoenebeck
* libtoolized libgig
* added man pages for the command line tools (gigextract, gigdump, dlsdump, rifftree)
* minor preparations for libgig release 0.7.0 (updated Changelog, etc.)
2004-03-10 schoenebeck
* src/gig.h: changed interface for 'attenuation_ctrl_t', 'eg1_ctrl_t' and 'eg2_ctrl_t': replaced the huge enumeration by a structure which reflects the MIDI controller number in case of an ordinary control change controller (this saves a huge switch-case block in the application of the library customer)
* src/gig.h: renamed following attributes in class 'DimensionRegion': 'AttenuationContol' -> 'AttenuationController', 'InvertAttenuationControl' -> 'InvertAttenuationController', 'AttenuationControlTreshold' -> 'AttenuationControllerThreshold'
* src/gig.cpp: minor fix in API documentation for method 'GetVelocityAttenuation()' in class 'DimensionRegion'
2004-01-01 schoenebeck
* src/gig.cpp: attributes 'LoopStart', 'LoopEnd' and 'LoopSize' in class 'Sample' reflected wrong values
* updated Make files (autoconf 2.58, automake 1.6.3)
2003-12-26 schoenebeck
* src/gig.cpp, src/gig.h: added ReadAndLoop() method to class 'Sample' which is an extension to the normal Read() method to honor the sample's looping information while streaming from disk
* src/RIFF.cpp: minor fix in Chunk::Read() method (only a minor efficiency issue)
* src/gigdump.cpp: added printout of samples' looping informations
2003-12-25 schoenebeck
* gig.h, gig.cpp: changes in class 'Sample': - fixed loop attributes which reflected wrong values - attributes 'LoopStart' and 'LoopEnd' are now measured in sample points instead of byte offset - renamed misleading attribute name 'MIDIPitchFraction' to 'FineTune' - added attribute 'LoopSize' changes in class 'File': - added method GetInstrument(uint index)
2003-11-29 schoenebeck
* src/gig.cpp, src/gig.h: added method GetVelocityAttenuation() to class DimensionRegion which takes the MIDI key velocity value as an argument and returns the appropriate volume factor (0.0-1.0) for the sample to be be played back, the velocity curve transformation functions used for this are only an approximation so far
2003-11-16 schoenebeck
* src/gig.cpp: fixed bug in decompression algorithm which caused it not to detect the end of a stream
* various endian corrections (successfully tested now on ppc)
* minor adjustments to avoid compile errors on some systems (using now pow() instead of powl() and --pedantic g++ compiler switch)
* src/RIFF.cpp, src/RIFF.h: added additional API documentation